Vecchie letrose - Camerata Nova featuring Raine Hamilton and Tori Sparks

Our new video featuring Raine Hamilton and Tori Sparks. This Neapolitan Villanesca from 1545 tears a strip off all the old gossips who hang about the plaza with nothing better to do than yap all day long at the expense of others. Sound familiar?

Run To the Hills Choral Arrangement

Choral arrangement video of Iron Maiden's, Run to the Hills

An update from Camerata Nova / des nouvelles de Camerata Nova

Thank you for your support and understanding. Stay safe, and we look forward to presenting this special concert for you some time in the future. / Nous vous remercions de votre soutien et de votre compréhension. Portez-vous bien et nous espérons vous présenter ce concert spécial dans le futur.