At the suggestion of many of our fans, we have issued Camerata Nova Live: Christmas in Early America, a CD of our highly popular holiday concert of 2012, which was recorded by CBC Radio 2. This album contains early and contemporary American music, ranging from late 18th-century shape-note songs to very recent arrangements of Christmas carols.

Track Listing

01 Emanuel – William Billings
02 Fulfilment – attr. Elisha J. King
03 Bethlehem – William Billings
04 I Wonder as I Wander – John Jacob Niles, adapt. Andrew Balfour
05 Cookham – anon. from/tire de The Sacred Harp, words by/paroles par Charles Wesley
06 Slow Traveller – anon. from/tiré de The Christian Harmony
07 Song of the Pines – Abbie Betinis
08 Lux Aurumque – Eric Whitacre
09 Kingsbridge – anon. from/tiré de The American Harmony
10 Judea – William Billings
11 Slow Traveller/Coventry Carol – anon. from/tiré de The Christian Harmony
12 I Wonder as I Wander – John Jacob Niles, adapt. Leonard Enns
13 Run, Toboggan, Run – Abbie Betinis
14 I Wonder as I Wander – John Jacob Niles, adapt. Michael McKay
15 Sherburne – Daniel Read
16 The One Horse Open Sleigh (Jingle Bells) – James Lord Pierpont
17 Jingle Bells – James Lord Pierpont, adapt. Michael McKay
18 I Hear the Prophet Calling – Pepper Choplin
19 Winter Song – Sara Bareilles and Ingrid Michaelson, adapt. Rick Heppner Mueller



Wa Wa Tey WakWA WA TEY WAK – DVD (2007)

Camerata Nova’s first DVD, Wa Wa Tey Wak (Northern Lights) (2007), is a beautiful and thought-provoking work composed by Andrew Balfour with stunning imagery by media artist Bryan Besant. Bonus: feature about the group and Wa Wa Tey Wak.

Track Listing

01 The Sound of Spirits/Chepi’s Time (9:41)
02 The Appearance of Wisakedjak (3:21)
03 Arnalukakuluujunga (I am just a little girl) (2:03)
04 The Lost Tribe (5:45)
05 Quviasulirpunga (Now I feel happiness) (2:02)
06 To Dance is Dangerous (3:47)
07 Sound Prayer for Mother Earth (2:42)


Released in 2006, Nova Noël, offers a unique blend of traditional early carols and contemporary arrangements which incorporate non-traditional instruments. Reawaken your enjoyment of seasonal vocal music!

Track Listing

01 Gabriel fram Heven-King Sent – 13th-Cent. English chant
02 Gabriel’s Message – 15th-Cent. Basque carol, arr. A. Balfour
03 Es ist ein’ Ros’ entsprungen – M. Praetorius, arr. J. Sandström
04 O Jesulein süß – German traditional, arr. by S. Scheidt and J.S. Bach
05 Alma redemptoris mater – 14th-Cent. Gregorian chant, arr. A. Balfour and A. Schroeder)
06 Alma redemptoris mater – T.L. de Victoria
07 Coventry Carol – 15th-Cent. English traditional, arr. A. Balfour
08 In dulci jubilo – 14th-Cent. German traditional, arr. M. Praetorius and J.S. Bach
09 Lullay My Liking – G. Holst
10 The Wyandot’s Realm – A. Balfour, 16th-Cent. Canadian traditional
11 Entre le boeuf et l’âne gris – 16th-Cent. French traditional, arr. A. Balfour
12 Noël nouvelet – 16th-Cent. French traditional, arr. A. Balfour
13 Dindirindin – M. Flecha
14 A Spotless Rose – German traditional, arr. O. Gjeilo

camerata nova cd


In Spring 2002, Camerata Nova launched its first CD! A true Camerata Nova sampler, it contains more than 20 cuts, from Gregorian chants to medieval songs with overtone singing to Renaissance motets (lots of them!). Britten, Bruckner, Balfour, and much more!

Track Listing

01 Alma redemptoris mater – 14th-Cent. Gregorian chant, arr. A. Balfour
02 Viderunt omnes – Magistar Perotinus (Perotin)
03 Quam pulchra es – Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina
04 Angelis suis mandavit – Manuel Cardoso
05 Veni veni Emmanuel – 12th-Cent. French Chant, arr. A. Balfour
06 Here is the Little Door – Herbert Howells
07 Salve Regina – Orlando de Lassus
08 Ave Maria – 12th-Cent. Gregorian chant
09 Ave Maria – Andrew Balfour
10 Veni redemptoris gencium – 12th-Cent. Gregorian chant, arr. A. Balfour
11 O magnum mysterium – Tomas Luis de Victoria
12 A Hymn to the Virgin – Benjamin Britten
13 Nos autem gloriari oportet – Manuel Cardoso
14 Ave Regina – Tomas Luis de Victoria
15 O sacrum convivium – Thomas Tallis
16 Ave dulcissima Maria – Don Carlo Gesualdo
17 God be in my head – Andrew Balfour
18 O quam gloriosum – Tomas Luis de Victoria
19 A spotless rose – Herbert Howells
20 Rise up my love – Healey Willan
21 Locus iste – Anton Bruckner


MYSTICA – CD (2004)

Released in November 2004, Mystica is a collection of both Renaissance and modern Canadian a cappella choral works, including several original works by artistic director Andrew Balfour. This new 14-track recording higlights the purity and elegance of vocal polyphony.

Track Listing

01 Ah!dolente partita – Claudio Monteverdi
02 Rosa mystica – Andrew Balfour
03 Lay a Garland – Robert Lucas de Pearsall
04 Kyrie / Gloria in excelsis – Andrew Balfour
05 Domine Deus /Qui tollis – Andrew Balfour
06 Lamentationes Jeremiæ Prophete III – Orlando de Lassus
07 Ô nuit – Jean-Philippe Rameau (arr. B. Lopuck)
08 O vos omnes – William Walton (arr. K. Tinsley)
09 When I am Laid in Earth – Henry Purcell (arr. A.Balfour)
10 Caligaverunt oculi mei – Jan Dismas Zelenka
11 Hear my Prayer – Henry Purcell
12 Requiem æternam I – Eleanor Daley
13 And God Shall Wipe Away all Tears – Eleanor Daley
14 In Remembrance – Eleanor Daley